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#74 Historical Roots of China’s Social Credit Score (II)

The version of the ‘social credit system’ proposed in 2002 was comparable to FICO scores in the U.S. or SCHUFA scores in Germany – financial systems designed to assess creditworthiness of individuals”.

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#73 Historical Roots of China’s Social Credit Score (I) [Gastbeitrag]

Freedom will be forfeit to knowledge, but it will be the state’s knowledge that it exercises, not for the sake of revenue but for the sake of its own perpetuation.

Shoshanna Zuboff, ‘The China Syndrome’, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, p.394.

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#72 BAT & Co.: Top Ten Internetunternehmen aus China

Going forward, China will stay committed to openness, cooperation and unity for win-win results.

Our aim is to turn the China market into a market for the world, a market shared by all, and a market accessible to all.

China will encourage cross-border e-commerce and other new business forms and models to grow even quicker to foster new drivers of foreign trade.

Xi Jinping, Eröffnungsrede zur China International Import Expo in Shanghai, 4. November 2020.

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#71 Indo-Pazifik Leitlinien: AKK, Australien (und China)

Given the rising security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, it is my goal to intensify our bilateral and multilateral collaboration. That could include, for example, the embarkation of German officers on Australian Navy units.

Verteidigungsministerin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2.11.2020.

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#70 Präsidentschaftswahl in den USA 2020 – Kommentar

„President Tweety“ oder „Sleepy Joe“? Heute haben die gut 235 Millionen wahlberechtigten US-Bürger die Qual der Wahl zwischen Amtsinhaber Donald Trump oder Herausforderer Joe Biden.

Und der Rest der Welt blickt gespannt auf den Ausgang dieser Präsidentschaftswahl.